Chicagoans rally in Union Park for abortion rights



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Nine-year-old Mia Dreyfuss wants to make her own decisions.
“I don’t want people telling us what to do,” she said while standing with her mom and twin sister, Sophie, at a pro-abortion rights rally in Union Park Saturday morning.
“They wanted to be here and I’m so proud of them for that,” Lori Dreyfuss said of her daughters.
The Near West Side protest, part of the national “Bans off Our Bodies Day of Action” organized by Planned Parenthood and other groups that support abortion rights, drew several thousand demonstrators carrying signs and chanting and cheering. It’s the city’s latest rally in response to the leaked U.S. Supreme Court draft decision indicating justices will soon overturn the Roe v. Wade decision that has protected abortion rights nationally for nearly five decades.
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Chicagoans rally in Union Park for abortion rights: ‘Everything else is up for grabs’
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